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It's common knowledge among our friends that Brighton is our favourite destination in the UK. On the rare chance that we have a 'free' weekend, you will usually find us searching for a last minute B&B find, and heading on down to the seaside. When we heard there was a gay wedding show at the Brighton Grand, we didn't need persuading!

So on the stormiest of weekends we left the bright lights of London and headed south, friend in tow, for what would be our first gay wedding show. Strange you might think, but when we were planning our own civil ceremony we never considered going to a gay wedding show. We went to plenty of 'normal' ones though. Possibly more than we needed to, but you only tie the knot once. We were very excited about what we would find. Would it be filled with pink feather bowers, and white doves?  We did have another motive for attending however... having paid for our flyers to be added to the goodie bags we wanted to see our marketing in 'action'.

We did of course have to pop into Jamie's Italian on route to the Brighton Grand, for a spot of lunch before descending on the show. I say descending because by the time we left, enough alcohol had been drunk that keeping control of my wife and her best friend with gale force winds on Brighton front was proving quite tricky!

On arrival at the Gay Wedding Show We had a very warm welcome. It was free entry but donations were gratefully received (and happily given). With a glass of pink bubbles placed in our hands we were ready to wander.

What would make this wedding show different?

Everybody was lovely and friendly, but the show was a lot smaller than others we had been to previously. There were some very unusual tables there, which we weren't expecting and hadn't seen at other wedding shows, but apparently when getting hitched it's important to know a good funeral director and how to write a will... Not first things that popped into my head when getting engaged!

On the whole the show was good. There was a nice variety and it was great to meet people who are supportive of civil partnerships, from venues to cake makers, stationers to holiday destinations. All the basics were covered. Those involved play an important part in our community and we are lucky to have those people promoting what should just become the 'norm'.

We of course came away with more inspiration, which we are working hard to bring to the Pink and Turquoise party. Watch out for our own range of stationary, more personalised items, and perhaps something just a little bit different! All in good time though. Sooner if Elise has her way and manages to chain me to the desk ;)

Don't forget if there is anything that you think we should stock, make or try and find, please let us know.

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Main photo taken by The Gay Wedding Show at the 2013 Brighton show.

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