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There are few things you can be certain of in life. Blissful, uninterrupted sunshine on your wedding day isn’t one of them.

The weather at the minute is miserable. Wet, cold and windy.

For anybody with a civil ceremony or wedding on the horizon, the thought of rain is probably an unwelcome one. Even tear inducing. What happens if it rains on your big day? Well, rain won’t ruin your wedding or civil ceremony. There I said it. ‘What?’ ‘Is she crazy?’ I hear you all shout. Well no, no I’m not.

After all the planning and preparation you have put in to making your day unique, special and memorable all is not lost. A little extra planning (GULP, yes, more planning!) will save the day.

Plan ahead and invest in some umbrellas. Not big golf ones with logos printed all over them, Ones that won’t make you cringe when you see your civil ceremony or wedding photos. Why not go for some brightly coloured ones to match your chosen colour theme for your day? Or you could go for some that are a slightly different shape to the bog standard round ones, like heart shaped ones. They make fantastic props for photos! To keep the cost down you can even hire umbrellas now, who knew? Check this out for all your brollie needs:

A regular at festivals, they are also making an appearance on the wedding scene. As with umbrellas, match your wellies to your colour scheme. Remember the green wellies with the frog eyes on the front of them? No? Oh. Perhaps it’s just my age, but anyway …the world of wellies has moved on somewhat since then. The colour and patterns adorning wellington boots these days is impressive. Not surprisingly, given our chosen colour scheme of hot pink and turquoise, my personal favourites are the first and second on this list:

Chances are your guests wont turn up in their wellington boots. Consider anywhere that guests have to walk that involves grass or other areas that could become waterlogged. Think heels, and use matting or boarded walkways to prevent your guests ruining their shoes or getting stuck!

If you're wearing a pair of funky wellies, you'll want to show them off. Just as well really, as you need to make sure that you hitch your train up, or that your bridesmaids are well rehearsed in carrying it. You don't want to ruin your dress during your walk to the venue.

Now, two things us girls can’t neglect on our big day are our hair and makeup. This can be stressful enough on your big day without throwing rain and humidity (shudder) into the mix. Humidity and hairstyles are not friends. If you want to banish frizz make sure a de-frizzing serum is combed through damp hair, and again once it’s dry. If your hair is long enough, consider an up-do, they will last longer than loose styles. You might also want to keep your makeup artist close by!

Believe it or not, many photographers of  civil ceremonies and weddings like overcast weather. Who’d have thought it? But it’s true. It can actually provide some lovely lighting and dramatic skies make beautiful backdrops. Think about the reflections in puddles, rain running down windows. The result, some pretty cool photos hey?

It is also important, in the lead up to your big day, to imagine your wedding in its setting, while raining. Think about it raining and get used to that idea. If it is lovely sunny day, it’s a nice welcome surprise.

If you do get caught in the rain, just remember this; it represents all the ugly-crying you'll do during your marriage. Just kidding. Rain on your wedding day is considered good luck according to Hindu tradition!




Sonya Lewis Clements:

Oops! I didn’t finish reading the “rain on wedding day” story-
I saw at the end, it’s also considered good luck in Hindu tradition!
So to all of you who are marrying soon: rain or shine, your special day will be beautiful! ?
“IF” it happens to rain…your just gonna be MORE lucky than you already are!!! ?

Mar 14, 2016


It rained on my wedding day!!!
Please don’t let rain put a “damper” on your big day! I had heard & was told before my wedding, that it’s actually “good luck” if it rains on your wedding day, (yes it’s an old wives tale) & I can attest to that!
It did bring us “luck”!! My husband & I had 24 beautiful yrs together & if he were still alive, we’d still be going strong & would have grown old together! It was raining cats & dogs, rabbits & frogs! LoL Heavy rain-
So to all you guy’s & girl’s out there: Don’t let the weather, or anything spoil your special day!
Congratulations to all of you who are newly engaged, about to marry, or celebrating your wedding anniversary! Bless you & I wish you many more!

Love 2 All! And “Let It Rain”! ?

Mar 14, 2016

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