Designed & made in the UK

We wanted the perfect day, just like any other couple. If I'm honest, being the perfectionist that I am, I wanted it to be better than perfect. Can you achieve better than perfect? Anyway, during our 18 months of planning (yes 18 months!) we searched high and low for little touches to make our 'big gay day' complete, but we struggled to find those all elusive Mrs and Mrs bits. Instead we decided to make a lot of things ourselves. We're lucky because Emma is a designer and handy to have around when you need some stationary or love heart wrappers printed.  We realise that not everyone wants to, or has time to make their civil ceremony accessories and decorations. So, one sunny July Friday,  off we went to the pub, notebook and pen in hand (who needs technology?) and a few ciders later we decided to launch a funky and unique range of gifts, decorations and cards for same-sex couples for their own civil partnerships.

We've started with what we consider to be a small, but funky and quirky range of products.  Since July our range has already grown. I'm like a dog with a bone when I have an idea. Some might say impatient - gasp! Our aim in the coming year (I did type months but I want to keep it realistic) is to add a range of stationary, wrapping paper and guest books, so watch this space!

Being the creative genius (she'll kill me when she reads this) Emma currently designs all our cards. I do come up with a few ideas myself, but Emma tells me what she thinks of them and explains why she won't be spending time designing them. So if Emma does all the creative stuff, what's my role I hear you ask, well my role as I see it is being the driving force behind new products and ideas. For now I think I will assign myself the title of Director of Merchandise ;)

Between us we love what we do. Our inspiration comes from everyday life, and current trends. A shabby chic theme  can work equally as well for a civil partnership as well as traditional weddings. We aim to be unique and create products that add that extra something to anyone's big gay day. We wished there was a site like this when we got married. We might just have to do it all over again! Once we can afford it.

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